how to bulk edit Leads (the new object)

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Is there a way to bulk edit leads from the new prospecting tool? Going through one by one is very onerous, especially when transitioning to using this tool with a large active database.

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how to bulk edit Leads (the new object)

Hey @CFetterly 

so you can only bulk edit the owner and enroll them in a sequence.

If you want to change the status this should be done manually as you work on them.

You can create a WF to handle the Leads (carefully) and selecting properly the triggers or filters.

hope this helps


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how to bulk edit Leads (the new object)

Hi @CFetterly,


The best way to do so is probably currently a lead-based workflow. In such a workflow, you can set up enrollment triggers to your liking, then use the "Set property value" workflow action to update leads in bulk:




I'm sure HubSpot will introduce bulk options soon. Until then, this is probably the fastest workaround.


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