how to attach email aliases to user accounts

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as many people do these days, there are multiple variations of my email address. i have firstname.lastname@, firstnamelastname@, firstnamelastinitial@, firstname_lastname@, etc...


when i link up my email account to hubspot, it only seems to recognize the primary email address.


how can i "link up" my other aliases?


this is an issue b/c any email address which does not exactly match the primary email address will get added as a new contact in hubspot, even if it's the same as the organization's domain.


the content of emails don't get added, but the subject lines do in fact get added. so sensitive subject lines like "sam jones - termination process?" and "bill stevens - bonus in Q2" will be exposed. this seems like a big problem.

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Hey @gotmike I did some diggin on the HubSpot Knowledge Base for you, according to this article  you can use an email alias or secondary email account to send sequences as long as the following are both true:


1. You have a cloud-based email inbox using G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) or Office 365 

2. You are sending your sequence from Gmail or desktop Outlook. This functionality is not currently supported when sending sequences from within the HubSpot CRM.


Find out more about how this works here


Just wondering if this resolved your question as I have the exact same issue - my primary gsuite account is firstname.lastname@ but the mail i use predominantly is firstname@ which means that linking is redundant - attempting to link the firstname@ is impossible as the gmail integration on associates with the account name.


The sequencing issue is farther down the line than where we're at with this at the moment - if we can't resolve this nomenclature clash then hubspot becomes redundant for our company