getting mail events from mandrill 1:1 transactional emails

hi everyone,


i am currently trying to get events or email engagements to post whenever a mail is sent to someone in our hubspot contact list using mandrill.

i have been looking for any solutions that may help but none seem to work.

The engagement doesn't need to do a lot/give a lot of information, just 

'X has sent an email to x' or ' x has recieved an email from X'

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getting mail events from mandrill 1:1 transactional emails

I am looking for the same. Did anyone ever get back to you about the ability to have mandrill transactional emails show up in a contact's timeline? The Mailchimp integration does not seem to be the answer for transactional-specific (formally Mandrill) emails.

Events firing for list criteria AND/OR at minimum seeing the email in a contact's timeline to know how these emails fall in cadence with our Hubspot email automation and efforts would be very beneficial. 

I saw Zapier has a way to set up something with transactional mailchimp/mandrill emails but it looks like it is more around Hubspot triggering a mandrill email rather than just logging a mandrill email record in Hubspot.

Community Manager
Community Manager

getting mail events from mandrill 1:1 transactional emails

Hi @LDeCraene 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Mike_Eastwood @DarianVretenar @Ismail do you have any thought for @LDeCraene on this?


Thank you!



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