defining relationship for group companies with same domain

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I have checked the community and have seen posts on this topics but there is no satisfactory answer I have seen. I added HSBC as an account ( I then wanted to add aallit's subsiduaries. I started with GBM ( but Hubspot won't let me add theis as a separate company. Differentiating contacts division is obviously important as is being avble to get a top down group view.


Any ideas?





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I have a smiliar question, of how to group companies when there is a group strucutre (i.e. parent company and several connected companies). This owuld be important when aggregating sales figures, for example. 

I hope this question gets answered. 

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Hi @sifur & @Nanaki 


Hubspot allows you to associate companies in a parent-child relationship:

I tested this out adding HSBC as a company with a domain of and then adding HSBC Div2 (just to differentiate it as a separate division) with a domain of Then from the parent company, I selected "Add child company" and chose HSBC Div2.





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