deal doc attachments by type



I don't think it is possible but would be interested in workarounds:


We have different document types that we are attaching to deals. Examples would be contract, project plan, demo ppt etc.


Ideally, i have an upload field for each doc type instead of a long list of various documents. because document naming could be confusing. 

I would also need to see/report on if a document for each type/category has been uploaded or not.


currently i have additional custom fields that basically ask the user to confirm that a document was uploaded. This, however, adds unnecessary fields.


Any ideas/workarounds except the one I am currently using? 

Thank you!


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Hi @Gabor_K,


Are you looking for a better way to organize the documents that you're uploading? 


It sounds like right now you have a field set up to confirm the file type when it is uploaded, is that correct? 


@Bryantworks@PatrickEng@MikeLawson do you have any workarounds or thoughts for @Gabor_K?







Sorry, i should have made that clear. I am looking for a way to report on uploaded items.

e.g. has document "XX" been uploaded.

Part of our workflow is that a certain document has to be created and then sent to a partner.

I want to report on deals where this has happened (document uploaded) and what deals are still missing that doc.

As a workaround, as you identified correctly, i have created a field that needs to be set to tell me whether the document has been uploaded. this works but leaves room for mistakes - e.g. not setting the 'doc uploaded-yes' flag.

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Thanks for the tag @jennysowyrda !


Hey there @Gabor_K , Natively I don't think there's a way to report when a specific document has been uploaded for a deal, but what you could do is make that field you've setup a required field to advance a deal to the later stages:


Settings - Google Chrome 2019-07-30 21.54.07.png


Would a setting like this work for you?

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Thanks Bryan.

I thought of that as well but dont think i want to implement that.

this being said and since the doc is a must for each deal, i will just create a report that shows the "uploaded yes/no" status and hold the team members accountable for keeping their deals up to date.