connect to my files on sharepoint

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Our file system of record is Sharepoint. All the files for the sales process are there and we cannot upload them to Hubspot. Is there any way to link/connect to Sharepoint Online and be able to see and access the files from Sales?

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Hey @bdesilva at this time, it is only possible to import files from Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. 


You can however drag/drop files into your Documents tool. 


You can also vote for a Zapier integration between HubSpot and Sharepoint here



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Now in 2019, would it be possible to connect a O365 sharepoint folder as a repository?

We'd like to not add a new service and it will be helpfull to be able to have some sort of (file) integration between HS and O365

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Here is a brief outline on how it can be achieved:

1. Call the REST API in HubSpot. This article gives a detailed description on the endpoints.
2. Once you can retrieve the data from Hubspot the next step is to load it on a SharePoint List.

If you are working with Node.Js I would recommend using the “sp-pnp-js” library for authenticating and working with SharePoint. Here is the link to that library.

3. Finally, to schedule this, I published the code to Azure as an Azure Function. Here is some documentation on how to work with Azure Functions.