calculation of product line items on a deal when values are changed


Firstly, sorry if this has been asked already.  I had a bit of a ferret round and couldn't find anything close to my scenario. 


SCENARIO:  we typically bill our customers monthly and the standard term is 12mo. In our product library we have set up entries for each of the configuration items we sell at.  To match the monthly billing and std 12mo term.

When it comes to adding those products into the deal as line items, our customer might ask for one of those line items to be charged annually on a 3 year plan.  

If we say that the line item is a 36 month term, billed annually, with a Qty of 1.  The ACV does not calculate correctly.  It just calculates 36 x line-item-price, rather than  (12x36)x line-item-price. 

QUERY: For those few cases where we allow our customer to be billed annually for things, is there some kind of automation/workflow behind the deal where we need to set up so that the calculation is done correctly?  Or is it the case that we need separate line-items in the product library?  

thanks to each in advance. 🙂

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Community Manager
Community Manager

calculation of product line items on a deal when values are changed

Hey @petercwilson 


Thank you for reaching out! 


I'll tag a few experts that can share their knowledge with you.


Hey @AdamLPW @mike-ward @Dan1 what would you advise in this case?




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