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  • TBarlow on December 09, 2021
    0 Replies
    Hi I'm carrying out a DPIA and looking at the security of audience lists going from HubSpot to Google Ads, Facebook ads etc. I'd like to be able to write that all lists are hashed before being sent to the APIs. Does anyone know if this is happening?...
  • przemmaj on December 09, 2021
    3 Replies
    Hi, I was trying to find a workaround for this case but failed. How to avoid putting some contacts on the contacts list that are from some domains that we are not going to do business with? For example, we are using some vendors that are sendin...
    Hall of Famer
    December 09, 2021 05:27
    Hi @przemmaj , As far as I know, there isn't a deny list for the creation of records. As a workaround, you could perform a GDPR delete on thes...
  • Solved
    CSchütz on December 09, 2021
    3 Replies
    Hi, I have already some contacts&companies&deals in my database. If I want to make a new import with contacts&companies&deals and there is an overlap with my earlier data, then new deal entries are generated, so I have duplicatio...
    Hall of Famer
    December 09, 2021 02:30
    Hi @CSchütz , That depends a bit on your import files, but one approach could be VLOOKUP in your Excel file or Google Sheet: from your big dea...
  • MWang6 on December 09, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi, Does anyone know how we can avoid that tags disappear when you are merging two contacts? See picture below. If is merged with all the tags under "Attended conference" disappears. Any tips or best practic...
    Hall of Famer
    December 09, 2021 01:38
    Hi @MWang6 , When you merge two contacts, the most recent value for each property is adopted by the primary contact, see also here . The pri...
  • TMorrison4 on December 08, 2021
    1 Replies
    I have an issue where emails are not displayed under some companies, but they are displayed under the associated contacts. This is happening with some companies but not others? When I look at the company view it looks like there are no emails, b...
    Key Advisor
    December 09, 2021 01:43
    Hi @TMorrison4 , May sound like a silly question, but have the contacts recently been associated with the company, or had their company associ...
  • vanessahunt on December 08, 2021
    3 Replies
    It would be useful to be able to create 'global' picklist value set that you can reference from different objects in HubSpot. For example, you might have a "product interest" list of values that you want to specify for a Contact and then also re...
    Participant | Platinum Partner
    December 08, 2021 15:54
    Haha no worries @vanessahunt Feel free to post the link to your idea here, I'll go and upvote for it 😄 Cheers,
  • sales on December 08, 2021
    1 Replies
    I'm pleased this feature is available but would love to have the option to split on amount instead of %. Currently there's no way to split 15k into exactly 10k and 5k - 5c here or there doesn't really affect the overall number but it introduces ...
    Hall of Famer
    December 08, 2021 22:04
    Hi @sales , Valid request – I'd recommend sharing it in the HubSpot Ideas section of the community . Submissions there are monitored by the p...
  • SSmithBEP on December 08, 2021
    0 Replies
    So as a services business my internal teams need to forecast revenue by month to determine hiring schedule. If I forecast a $1M deal they want to see a forecast the shows it is $200K over 5 Months and what are those months. The $1M Forecaste...
  • Solved
    Cramblin on December 08, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hello! I'm trying to create a list where I identify leads that need followed up with after prospecting. These are all company records as we don't have names yet and are looking to get more information throughout the sales process. The lead ch...
    December 08, 2021 11:01
    Thanks so much Karsten - this did it! For future searchers (if anyone else struggles w/ this filter) I made a list called "Initial outreach com...
  • HCox on December 08, 2021
    0 Replies
    Hi! I'm new to hubsopt and I'm having some teething issues with adding details to a contact. If I add a note to their profile and attach a PDF (this is a copy of a quote sent) the information stays there. If I then add a 'deal' for them, the prev...
  • KDevibalan on December 07, 2021
    0 Replies
    We are excited to announce Zoho Sign Integration for Hubspot CRM. With ZohoSign Integration, Salespersons can create, send and track ZohoSign envelopes directly from HubSpot. Your team can track the status of these documents without having to leave...
  • Solved
    moore71 on December 07, 2021
    2 Replies
    I have read the document " Add an unsubscribe link to one-to-one emails " and had some questions. The document says " Please note : an unsubscribe link will not be added to emails sent from Gmail or Outlook, even if you have the HubSpot sal...
    Hall of Famer
    December 07, 2021 21:38
    Hi @moore71 , At the end of your email, likely such a line is appended: If a recipient clicks that, they can choose to unsubscribe...
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