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Right now I have super admin status but if I try to take a task that is not assigned to me and put it in a queue it won't let me. As a manager I need to assign these tasks into queues regardless if I'm assigned the task. Is there a way to do this without having to change the task into my name and then changing it back to the person it's supposed to be assigned to after it's moved into the queue?

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Hi @jritz


The tasks in your queues should only be those that are assigned to you. Your task queues are user specific. Are you having issues transferring tasks to yourself and adding them to one of your queues (while keeping the task assigned to you)? Or is your end goal different than what I am discussing?



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I agree, when others assign em a task they should be able to link it to one of my queues.


Alternatively,  Hubspot can allow people to apply a "global queue" so all uses have the same convention and allow for personal queues. Someone assigning a task to another would then use a "global queue"

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I agree with this need.

I don't want to clutter up the todo list with new leads - when a new trial comes into our system we create a contact and I would like to add it to a queue specifically for new leads so reps know to call them every day without having to create a task for the rep. Right now I'm using workflows to create the tasks but the process seems to be creating so many calls that the reps are having a hard time seeing who they have already engaged with vs. new leads.

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I completely agree with this. I assign tasks to other members and need to add them to the users queues. Being able to create global queue would also be a benefit.