any way to have messenger activity show up under contact activity?


Seems odd that when you are in a contact file, you can see notes, past emails, and other activities, but no messenger activities.  I can only acces that in the conversations inbox.

It would be nice to go into a contact and see the trail of messenger conversations.  Is that possible, or does facebook not allow that or something?


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Hi @KBrown67,


You should be able to access conversations from any source (I just tested this for Facebook Messenger also) on the contact record. Make sure that you have "Conversations" selected for your filtered timeline:




Conversations should then appear in the timeline, you can expand them by clicking on them or the button on the upper right:




Hope this helps!


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Hi @KBrown67 ,

Ofcourse you can track your conversation with the contact in the contact activity board. Check SS:
This is the chat my contact had through FB messenger.

Click the Filter activity dropdown and select teh checkbox Conversatios:
Whatever conversation you had with your contact, will appear under your activity.

Hope this helps!

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