add tag to a contact?

I'm told that there's not currently the ability to add tags to a contact. Is that true? Seems odd to me that this wouldn't be an option.

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add tag to a contact?

You can create tags, but it's just termed differently. Instead it's a "Custom Property" 


1. Create a custom property called Tag. Use a multiple checkbox so you can add multiple tags to a single record

2. Add options to that custom property, each option would be a tag you can select

3. Add the tag property to the contact about section or within a contact view.


Now you can mark each contact with a specific tag. 


HubSpot has also recently released "Deal Tags" - this is a bit different and only works on the deals and tickets (Not contacts):


Note: HubTags the 3rd party extension has been deprecated so you won't be able to use that as previously suggested. 

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add tag to a contact?

Hi @MSumsion,


Correct, HubSpot does not have any out-of-the-box feature for tags. Most 'tagging' is done with custom properties:


This can effectively serve the same purpose and also forces you think about what kind of information you want to log - as opposed to just throwing everything into one big bucket. I often see companies tagging with industry, country, source, role etc. These are data points that should live in dedicated fields for better data quality.


If you still want tags, there are third-party solutions like HubTags:


Best regards!

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add tag to a contact?

Nothing today, depending on the goal you could create a multi-select dropdown to handle such things. Unless you want people to be able to create their own tags on the fly then today that isn't directly supported. 

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