ZoomInfo's new HubSpot Integration?

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Has anyone used ZoomInfo's new HubSpot integration?


We're looking at them for enrichment with HubSpot forms, but it sounds like the integration is only a couple months old so it's difficult to find much information.


Have you used it or know someone who has used it? What has been your experience?

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Hi @ChelseaC,


While I don't have any experience with the integration, if you have technical questions regarding it, I would recommend reaching out to Zoominfo as they support the integration. 

If you have tried the integration, I would love to know how your experience has been.


Thank you,

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I have just started using the integration and it works great EXCEPT HubSpot requires all users to be Super Admins to allow the connection. I am a Super Admin and Admin for ZoomInfo. I integrated from ZoomInfo side for our team and our platform and have had success exporting contacts that I've spoken with into HubSpot. Other HubSpot users show in their settings that the integration is connected, but when they export a contact from Zoominfo to HS this is the message they get




It seems that if the Super Admin for HS accepted this integration everyone should be able to use it without changing everyone's permissions to Super Admin??? Only an Admin status could connect the integration from the Zoominfo side. The error is coming from HS???