Zoom Activity Integration

Hello! Has anyone found a workaround to connect Zoom activity to the HubSpot CRM? We are trying to trigger an email/task generation when a contact views an older zoom recording for example.  A workflow would work however I cannot figure out how to connect it to Zoom vs our website.

So Contact A that perhaps we havent spoken with in a year, views a recorded webinar we did in 2020.  This would trigger an email to a set user or contact owner, and a task assigned to follow up with Contact A.

Any ideas?

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Zoom Activity Integration

Hi @LexiBild,


Thanks for reaching out!


I would like to add some experts to this conversation to see if they have advice.

Hi @HubDoPete@MandyDROS@Josh@johnelmer - Do you have any insight for @LexiBild on how to build this workflow with the Zoom integration or a 3rd party solution?

Thank you!




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