Workflow to update Contact Property based on Meetings information


Our school uses Calendly Integration with Hubspot to manage parent visits appointments.
Whenever we have a visit booked, it will appear on the activity timeline, with the information on the date, time booked. 

I've tried unsuccessfully to create a workflow that is able to update one of our custom contact property "Date of Visit" based on the date booked. 

See the sample screenshot below, there's no option for me to set this according to the meeting date, only a static date could be used.


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Workflow to update Contact Property based on Meetings information

Calendly has some limitations but it is possible by creating a date filed that gets stamped every time a meeting gets booked.


For this to work through Calendly you need to do the following:


1. Make sure that the Meeting name is unique so that you can use it as a trigger.

2. You need to use a 3rd party software (Zapier) - that triggers every time a meeting gets booked

3. Through Zapier stamp the (time of meeting) to the Hubspot property.

4. Test the zap and make sure it works.


If you use Hubspot meetings, it is possible to use the default field called "date of last meeting booked" to get the data. 


Hope this helps.