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Hi All, 


We have a deal stage where we would like to automatically send out an NDA, using Docusign, to contacts of that company. 


Is this possible using workflows, as I can't work it out at the moment. If its possible, please could someone give me some pointers? 


Ideally the workflow would like this:


Deal stage changes


User asked which contacts need an NDA


User asked which docusign template to us


Template emailed. 


Then if you get a positive signed envelope back, it moves again to another stage (and triggers another workflow.....) 

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Hi @pugwash 


Thank you for reaching out. 


According to what I see from our documentation here and here, this is not possible at this stage to do what you want. You can at the moment send templates from the records. You can however use DocuSign event as a trigger for your workflows. 


Thank you
Have a lovely day,

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