Workflow based on deal status


I know the sytem knows when a deal is late according to its close date and today's date. I'd like to build a workflow that moves "dead" deals to closed lost. So the enrollment criteria would be: if they are a deal in "initial sales stage" (mine is called initial contact), if the deal is late (due to today's date being greater than the current date), if no activity (mine is triggered on no email opens; then move deal stage to closed lost. 

The first and last enrollment criteria are easy. But the second one doesn't seem to be an option in the system. Is there a way to create a deal status of "on-time" and "late" based on today's date and the close date?


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Hi @JoeBidwell


It is worth noting that you cannot move a deal to a new deal stage through a workflow. 


You can make a workflow that uses the deal close date as the enrollment criteria and create a task to manually move the deal to closed lost as a workaround. 


Hope that helps!