Workflow based on Sequence Status/Outcome



I'm looking for a way to create a Workflow based on Sequence Status. E.g. when a contact has status "Sequence ended, no response" I'd like to create a Task for the company/contact owner 4 months later.


The reason for this would be to check in again with the company/contact. Perhaps timing is better now? Perhaps a new Manager has started working etc..

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Workflow based on Sequence Status/Outcome

Hi @bunse,


Thanks for reaching out.

As of now, there's only one sequence filter "now in sequence", which is why it currently isn't possible to filter based on sequence outcome.


However, there're already two ideas regarding sequence filters in our ideas forum:

If you want to get automatic updates I would encourage you to participate in the posts by upvoting and commenting on the posts.


I hope this helps.

Take care!



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