Workflow: Check if one field value is contained in another field


We have a lot of Companies with identical names, but different cities--for instance, First Baptist Church (city = Huntsville) and First Baptist church (city = Tyler). I would like to append " of ", followed by the City to each record, but sometimes the city is already there so I want to check to see if the City is contained in the Company Name before update. Is there a way to check if one dynamic field value is contained in another dynamic field on the same record before updating the record?

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Hi @pbmartin 


Thank you for posting in the Community. 


It is not possible at this stage with HubSpot to do what you describe or to compare properties in general in workflows. However, I would invite you to upvote this idea that is quite similar to what you would like. The Ideas Form is where our Product Team regularly reviews new ideas and engages with users for their feedback. 


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