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Workaround to make "Associated company" required in deals adding

A couple of ways to accomplish this without the "Company" being required-

Possible solutions:

  • First Option, Create deals from "contact" or "company" records directly. This automatically associates the company to the deal when you are creating it.
  • Second Option, You can automate this through ops hub using this code.  You have to have a contact associated.
  • Third Option, Create a workflow with a notification reminder once a deal is created to the owner indicating that a company is not associated. If not updated after 2 days you could have it escalate.
  • Fourth Option, Auto-create deals once a contact meets the criteria.  In the workflow, you can indicate that a company is associated automatically.


The biggest thing I have found working with multiple companies is that if you create a process that pushes the contact to a deal automatically then this problem immediately goes away.  


My biggest suggestion is to adjust your process to meet this need.  I've done it with multiple customers and it has only been a challenge of adoption. Once done it becomes easy.

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Community Manager

Workaround to make "Associated company" required in deals adding

Hi @warrendavey 


Thank you for sharing this workaround with the community 


I also want to share this idea in the Ideas Forum for anyone interested, it's currently "Being Reviewed" by the Product Team


Thank you!



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