Why can't I see my emails, calls, meetings from a contact under an associated deal?

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I have created a deal and with that deal there is a contact associated to it. When I click on the deal in my pipeline I can't see any of my conversations with the associated contact. Instead I have to go to the contact to see any interactions via email, call, meeting etc. Is there a way that I can simply click on the deal within the pipeline and all my interactions with that contact show up on the deal rather than the individual contact's profile?




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Hi @hthomp


Tricky to know for sure without seeing it but this may be due to the new level of control that HubSpot has over what sales engagements go onto to the deal pipeline. 


You can now choose if a sales engagmenet appears on the deal timeline or not by adding/removing it from the note/email/meeting etc. This post has some useful information on that: Why are all sales activities appearing in my deal timeline?


Does that help?

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