Which Users are Owners

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I have a clarification question regarding which users are also listed as owners, as HubSpot doku says they are created automatically.
It seems like all existing users are owners, except deactivated users. So that a user which gets deactived is removed from the owner's list and added again once he is reactivated.

Is this correct?
And is there any other situation, in which a user is not listed as owner?


For clarification: By "listed as owner" I mean that it is contained in the list I receive when I call the owner api to get all owners.


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Which Users are Owners

Hi @FGamer 


HubSpot has default record owner properties for each object (the property field type is called "HubSpot User" - contact, companies, deals. These properties are automatically populated by the users who have HubSpot access, the assignment of records depends on the setup of the portal. If nothing is specified no records will have owners, apart from those records manually created which automatically are owned by the user who created them, unless otherwise specified.


In addition, you have additional "HubSpot User" properties depending on your subscription tier which are fully customisable - usually people use them for things like "account owner", "customer succes manager", etc. 


What's the ultimate goal of your API call? The owner API just returns a list of all users, and you would the use their "id" as the hubspot_owner_id property of the CRM object you want to assign them.



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Which Users are Owners

Hi Frank,


thanks for your quick answer. Ultimately I just want to receive all active User trhough an API call, to further evaluate if all active users are known, within my company. So far I found that the only promising approach to get all active users is to get all owners. However, I cannot find any statement that clearly states that all active users are also listed as owners.

Hope that makes my problem more clear.

Best regards