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I want a Next Contact or Next Company button really badly. Is there such a thing on Hubspot? I go through my companies and contacts personally and need to go through them in an organized fashion. In my last CRM, I'd click Next to get to the next contact or preferably the next company. In Hubspot, I either need to open multiple tabs and flip between them, or click back to my company list and pick the next company down, etc.


It's a list. I want to go to the Next Company or the Next Contact on the list. Is there such a button? 



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HI. @georgealistair  Next  buttons do not exist in the CRM.  Great suggestion though. Can you add this as a post to our ideas forum for further comment?


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Ed Justen

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This seems like such a basic feature. Having this next button would definitely help so much! 


I genuinelyl don't know how this isn't a feature yet...it's been a request for 3 years, but hasn't been made? This is extremely expensive and a time suck for my sales reps. They're non-stop complaining about it. They're resorting to building google spreadsheets to make their life "faster" which is counterintuative. 


Hi Hubspot team, 


Seeing as this enhancement was requested three years ago, do you listen or care about customer feedback? A simple "Next button" would be a simple and valuable enhancement.


I'm just bringing our organization onto Hubspot, but seeing this is discouraging.

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@georgealistair while there is no next button, you can get that functionality by putting all of the records you're working with in a task queue. You would have to create tasks for each record, but the task queue does give the "next" functionality. 


Hope that helps! 


I think hubspot is really incredible so far but this is one of those things that can make this software very very limiting.  Ive got to be honest here for someone paying as much as i am now for a new software you would think makeing a simple next button would be easy enough and for my business this is a huge problem.  Make a next button and have it as an option please.


Pretty annoying that three years have passed with no next button for deals, contacts, or companies. The CRM needs so much work. 


Let me add another vote. Without the basic NEXT button I'll probably switch to another CRM. Anyone that uses the CRM for outbound calls needs this.

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Hello @gregbuyshomes , 


I was able to find this post in the HubSpot Community Ideas forum created by @shaneshown92.

Upvoting here will alert our Product Team to the popularity of this request. Doing so will also auto-notify you if/when this functionality becomes available within HubSpot. You may read more about how that review process works here.




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