When will tags be possible to add to contacts / deals etc?


This is a critical CRM functionality for us and the main thing stopping us bringing our whole insightly account over to hubspot... please advise... (ps creating custom properties doesn't cut it..)

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Hi @Rissyclark - can you provide more details around your use case? How you are using them in insightly and what you can't achieve in HS with custom properties and automation? 

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Hi @Rissyclark. From my experience, Tags are something that other platforms have used in place of proper functionality. When we used Infusionsoft for instance, we used Tags a lot because of limitations in Infusionsoft itself. Lists can do what Tags do, plus a lot more. You can create Lists using any field across all the various objects, including Deals. 



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The other option is to set up saved views on the Deals table. You can create new views that have filters set up. Filters can be based on any of the default Deal fields, or even custom Deal fields. 



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One use case for tags would be to identify the relationship between the contact and the deal or company. Currently I can find no way to identify why the contact is part of a deal. His title doesn't help. It's his role in the deal close process I need. Same for Company contacts. How do we know who is the vendor salesman, cust service rep, pre-sales consultant, we are partnering with? Again titles don't help. And roles can change for a person from deal to deal.


@Rissyclark HubTags might be what you are seeking. It's early days(just recently started building this product) but gives the ability to tag and run searches not possible with native HubSpot. Image below:

HubTags 3.png