When Is API For Quotes/Quote End-Points Happening?

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We are looking to use the native  HubSpot Quotes feature until the internal update/release of further functionality. My understanding is that HubSpot Teams are aggressively working on improving and scaling up the internal Quotes Tools, and hopefully API Endpoints, as right now we can't grab any Quote IDs and are forced to psuedo-hack together using Deal IDs and Copying Records. Its very janky right now, but I guess its holding for now.

Anyone know anything about Quotes/Quote APIs or anything in that realm is coming soon?

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Hi @Eventige , to be candid, I'm not sure what the plans are for a Quotes API. Do you have a link to a discussion where a Quotes API was being talked about? Happy to ask this question of our team internally and get this info back to you when I can.

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+1 on this. We would love to have an ability to match a quote to a deal using CRM Associations API. Or by any other means. We use quotes to set different prices for products and enable products automaticall on backend. We would love to get all quote data through API to know what customer paid for and how much + enable the product on our backend.

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+1  We are looking for API for Quotes too. Our team use quotes and we would like to be able to read the informations from a signed quote when the deal is accepted.