What lifecycle stage should we set when a prospect is disqualified?


I am creating a workflow to assign a deal based on the Lifecycle stage being set to SQL. When we receive an enquiry the Lifecycle is set to MQL. Our sales staff then call the prospect to further qualify. If the prospect successfully qualifies the next steps are:

1. Sales set the Lifecycle stage to SQL

2. Workflow creates a Deal with stage at Qualify

3. Lifecycle state automatically updates to Opportunity.

So this process works fine. I would like to ask the community what they would do if the prospect fails to qualify from the call. What should the Sales staff change the Lifecycle stage too? Keeping in mind we still want the workflow to create a deal with a stage of Lost and move the prospect onto a Nurture campaign. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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Hi @FionaCK


Interesting problem you pose. I think it is actually quite challenging to create exactly the solution you desire. Let's look at the scenario.


Your contact is at Lifecycle stage MQL and sales call. They disqualify them, meaning they cant become an SQL. The options are to move them back to Lead or all the way to Other. 


The problem with Other is that this lifecycle stage does not really imply further nurturing. And, HubSpot cannot automatically move lifecycle stage backward, say to MQL, when the contact again meets the conditions. 


So I think, moving the contact back to Lead is the best option. 


The problem now is the creation of the lost opportunity. This seems a bit odd to me, and my instinct is to recommend not doing this - why would you want to clutter up your pipeline with opportunities that never were?


If, however, this is a must, there are two issues. 

You need to trigger a workflow that creates the opportunity. Triggering this on lifecycle stage is risky though, as you don't want new leads to get lost opportunities. 


I suggest using a different property, such as lead stage - with sales changing this to disqualified. The problem is, when the opportunity is created, the lifecycle stage moves to opportunity automatically, even if lost. Creating the need for another task of clearing and moving the lifecycle back to lead. 


In conclusion, I dont think you can do this on lifecycle stage alone. 


Hope this helps.

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Dear Phil, thank you for your response and I apologise for the delayed reply. I was going down the same track as you with the workflow but changing the lifecycle stage back to Subscriber and setting the Lead Status as Nurture. Although our Sales team may disqualify them as a good fit for us at this point in time, it doesn't mean that in the future they may be or we may be a better fit for them so we always want to nurture these contacts for the future. I appreciate your advice.

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Hey @Phil_Vallender - any thoughts on a similar matter here?


Thank you!