What is the difference between Deal close date and Contact close date?


I understand that multiple deals associated with a single contact can have different closed dates. But can the "deal close date" override "close date" of the contact it is associated with, even if the contact is yet to be made a customer?

Also, let us assume we have exceeded the close date of a contact without it being made a customer. Can we still associate a new deal with it?



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Hi @Nipun_Ansal  There are two Contact properties that have similar names that work with close dates:


Close Date: This property syncs with the date the contact became a customer, based on the Closed/Won date of the deal. This date can be initially set automatically, or manually, but can't be changed once it is set.    


Recent Deal Closed Date: This is set based on the most recent closed/won associated deal.   


Regardless of the deal status, you should be able to manually associate any contact to any deal.


Thank you,

Ed Justen 

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