We are a 100% Apple company - IS HubSpot the right CCRM for us?


We run 100% exclusivley on Apple and before I get too deep setting everything up (just tried email and was disappointed, we use web based office 365 and Apple Mail) is it goig to be worth it for us? My biggest question is how compatible or not is it - I dont want to waste my time learning this CRM if I am going to keep running into snags. 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @disgirl to see a list of supported email clients for HubSpot Sales, check out this article


HubSpot Sales does not support Apple Mail or Outlook for Mac. As it turns out, Apple does not provide any support or resources for third-party developers to use in creating add-ons for Apple Mail, and this is making it increasingly difficult to maintain even basic functionality inside Apple Mail.


Outlook.com, and Outlook 365 for web are not currently supported - again due to limitations by these providers.


In this case CRM may not be the best fit unless you are in the position to use Gmail. 


We use Gsuite in our organisation, so emails run via google however I use the google inbox via its integaration into apple mail as it holds active email accounts from 365 and other servers. Am I right in assuming that even though I'm on Gsuite Hubspot still wont track comms as I'm using the Apple Mail interface?

Community Manager

Hi @DeanStarr,


You are correct. Because the Gmail extension is associated with your browser, it will not associate with the Apple Mail interface. 


If you do have access to Gmail you can take advantage of the functionalities through the Chrome extension


Thank you,

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