Want to move contact to a different company profile.

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I have a contact associated with a company. The same company has an office in another location/state where this peron is moving. It is imperative that I keep people and offices aligned for our business. How do I move this person to the new office location company, they have the same domain name, and keep the history associated with the contact?

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Hello @MHM2020 


I was able to confirm that currently when you move a contact to another company it does not remove the historical data from the previous company. The change will be that it won't log information going forward for the old company record.


Are you currently relating companies using the "parent and child" feature? If not my recommendation would be using this feature as it gives you the ability to associate companies in a parent-child relationship. (More information here )


After that, you are able to remove the original company associated with the contact and associate the new company to the contact.






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