Visual for notes?

Good afternoon!


I am looking for a way to visualize calls and notes. If I could find a way to overlay them on calendar or something along those lines it would be really helpful.


My objective is to be able to see frequency of calls or notes entered over the course of a week, a month, etc. I think it will help to see when sales reps are calling out and on what days they're having more successes and connecting, as well as which days they are leaving more voicemails and getting "no answers."


Even a means of exporting and maybe using a separate tool would be helpful.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Visual for notes?

Hello @CorePipe 


I will tag some top experts in our Community to help on this matter, @warrendavey , @StefaniUAT @Alex_Elborn , we would love to hear your suggestions!


Thank you,


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