Viewing a daily schedule for future follow ups


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Our sales team uses a 'next follow-up date' property when scheduling out their next follow-ups with prospects and customers. The problem here is that they may schedule too many on any given day if they can't see that dates availability. Is there any way to make their schedule available to them when using a property like this so they can best plan their schedules?

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@DaveJoRo I am not sure about the field you are looking for ad this is probably best at the idea forum.


I would like to share with you what I do.

Before setting up tasks for a future date, I check to see how many tasks already exist for that date so I know how many more I want to add. If you work with dual monitors, use them both to show # on a day.

Calls are set as meetings and connected with the calendar so time is blocked out for this. 

Lastly, if I notice in the morning I have too many tasks scheduled for the day, I work on the queue and move what I can not tackle to the next day. You'll be amazed at what can be handled when one is overbooked with tasks!