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Hi all very new to Hubspot.


I have imported about 1000 contacts into the system and have emailed about 100 but is there a way to bulk view contacts that have not yet been worked on?

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Welcome, @PJ


There are a couple of different ways to view contacts that have not yet been worked on....and an easy way to view unassigned contacts. These two different things are not one and the same for me, but they might be for you. Either way I will show you a way to view both of these things. 


When you click on Contacts, and click into the View section, there is a HubSpot Standard View (the first, left-most column) called My uncontacted.

column) called My uncontacted. Photo below is a screenshot of what you will see when you selected the My uncontacted View. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 4.28.00 PM.png



Click on the x on the right of the last filter (HubSpot Owner is any of "Me"), save this view (by clicking the blue Save button that appears after you delete the filter) as a new view (I call mine All Uncontacted). Now you have a view that you can come back to at any time to see all of your contacts that haven't been contacted via phone or email, regardless of who the HubSpot owner is (or isn't in the case of an unassigned contact). 






To view all unassigned contacts, select the My contacts View (same column where you found My unassigned). Instead of clicking the x on the filter like you did in the steps above, click into the filter to alter it by clicking on the words HubSpot Owner is any of "Me" and select the last radio button - is unknown. Click the blue Apply filter button, then the blue Save button (I have my view called All Unassigned). This will allow you to come back any time and look at all contacts who don't have a HubSpot owner! 


Did either of those views enable you to see what you were looking to see?

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Does anyone know how to create a filter that will show you contacts assigned to you AND unassigned ones?

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*edited* Sorry, I accidentally posted my reply twice! I don't think posting it twice will make it twice as helpful so I am changing this text. 


Happy New Year!

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The easiest way to do this is to:


1.  Go to Contacts

2.  Add a filter

3.  Set Last Activity Date is Unknown


That should do it!