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I am using HubSpot for selling my App-product to restaurants. Primarely smaller restaurants. I do always talk to the owner. Therefore it seems a bit to much, to both register the contact AND the company. It seems like extra work. 


In general i just need to have a timeline with meetings, calls, etc. And a reminder for next step and so. But there are never ever more than one contact for one companie. And i do only use hubspot for sales purposes. 


Is there any easier way to do the registration than creating both company and a contact?

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I could see how that would be tedious considering your scale. But consider this, if the owner changes and you get a 2nd contact for the business, what you will be able to see in the Company record is a compliation of all your interactions with each contact over the whole time frame. This is the ultimate power of the Company record in my opinion. 


This is a long-term strategy that you might not appreciate putting in the effort to build now, but it might help you later.

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The first thing you need to ensure is that the option to create companies automatically based on the email address' domain is turned on, these at least saves you some time in creating company records for restaurants with their own website as those tend to host their mail there too:


The next thing you can do is pre-qualify. Based on the information you gather from your leads, you can create a workflow that uses a trigger to automatically create a company record. You can have create a custom contact property that's just a checkbox, or maybe use the lead status property. The options above may save you some time in creating company records. Though you still need to associate any contacts that are within the same company to the one company record and this is done manually of course.