Using Hubspot to collaborate our clients' leads and deals




We are using HubSpot for our sales team as anyone would do.


But because we are a marketing agency that help our customer generate B2B leads we are thinking that we could use HubSpot to help them be more efficient in their sales process once we generate a lead for them. 


For example we would have:

- My company's contacts, companies, deals and pipeline

- Client A's contacts, companies, deals and pipeline

- Client B's contacts, companies, deals and pipeline

- Client n's contacts, companies, deals and pipeline


We would give use access to each client to their segregated CRM. 


Is that realistic? Has one done something like this before?

I'm looking for experiences and recommendations!



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Hi @max-leadmate 


With HubSpot Enterprise you could segregate Contacts (leads) the same way an organisation would segregate different regions.


For one of our clients we opted for separate HubSpot Portals for each organisational region for simplicity (and lower cost).


You can access each portal (it's super easy to switch between HubSpot Portals).


In other words I think it's safer to sandbox each client.


Happy to discuss




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Hi @max-leadmate,


Honestly, it would be better for both you and the client if they had their own portal and you supported the lead/sales follow up from their portal. Your other agency employees could have access as well.


This is better for them because they will then own the data and history within the CRM. Even if you tried to transfer if you parted ways, they wouldn't get the full picture.


Additionally, tracking will be more accurate if you separate the accounts. That way you could have your portal's tracking code on your site and their portal's tracking code on their site.



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