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I'm setting up HubSpot for the three members in my team (one of whom is a contractor).


It's best that the contractor doesn't see:

* the Team Activity list
* emails sent/received by myself and the other team member
* tasks assigned to myself and the other team member


In terms of access/permissions what are the settings I should apply for the contractor?


I read this article but it's not clear as to which settings I should use.



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Hi @mimsims2019,


In addition to knowing what the contractor shouldn't see, it would be helpful to know what the contractor needs to see and what their goals and tasks within HubSpot will be. 


If you can share what tools and projects they are working in, we can assist!


@Mike_Eastwood@picwillsmith@Yeti_Mike do you have any suggestions for @mimsims2019?


Thank you,


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Hi @mimsims2019 , thank you @jennysowyrda 


Unfortunately – in my opinion – HubSpot does a poor job of managing permissions at a detailed level.


You can exclude your contractor from seeing your team's activity, contacts etc. but it will probably exclude them from seeing everything that your team's working on. 


If you're going to experiement I would set up a fake login, for you, with the Contractors permissions so you can double check what they can and can't see.


Happy to discuss if that's easier.




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@mimsims2019 just a thought. Is the contractor temporary, with a company email or an outsider?


As @jennysowyrda mentioned - what does the contractor need access to? I might not add them at all.