User needs to be allocated to Multiple Teams

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Are you able to allocate a single user to multiple teams? We have people who are allocated to multiple acount teams but it appears i can only add them to 1 team?


Please assist?

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Hi Nicole,


You're correct, users can be added to one team in HubSpot at the moment.


For some more clarity here: what's the use case to add one user to multiple teams? The user teams in HubSpot don't need to mirror your individual teams at your business; they're more for allocating different tiers of permissions. If one of your users could fall under two teams, I might recommend assigning them to the team that has the highest level of access to the portal, so they can access all the features they may need to use.


I'm interested to hear your thoughts here!

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I have the same need.  We have global sales teams, regional teams and teams assigned to specific countries.  My Hungary Rep speaks German and she'll handle accounts that are currently tasked to the Germany Team.  Does this help understand the situation?  Any recommendations?

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Hi @Geopatriot,


We don't currently have the option to add users in HubSpot to multiple teams at the same time. You will need to add your users to just one team on your portal. More on using teams in HubSpot is here!

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Upvote: Grant Users Access to Multiple Teams

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Hi Katja, 
I too meed to add someone to multiple teams. I have two use cases: 


- My Department head runs both sales and marketing and has asked to get the alerts I set up for both teams. 

- I have a hybrid Sales/Account manager that needs to get alerts/ triggers. 


Thank you,

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This is already a suggestion with a number of votes for it.  If you would like to upvote it, you can find it here: "Grant Users Access to Multiple Teams"

Have a great day!