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It doesn't seem that I can have a user assigned to multiple teams.  the moment I try to change team, it becomes their default

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@4118923 @lovinglife324 @teterjmw @MFrankJohnson @pmclaughlin + any others who view this thread, please make sure you vote and comment here


...That is the feature request that the Product Team will review. 

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Hi @lovinglife324 this isn't currently possible, but you can leave feedback here. Could you share some detail/examples of the teams you have built and the use case for a user belonging to multiple ones?

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This seems to be a common issue.  In our company we have a regional sales teams.  e.g. Southern California, Northern California, Arizona.  The regional teams all report to the Western Region Director.  So a member of the Southern California would also be a member of the Western Region.

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Issue: HubSpot users cannot be assigned to more than one team.


Use Case(s): Management || Support


Management - Already discussed. Many of our jobs require that we are on multiple teams (e.g., compliance, safety, management, Sales, Marketing, etc, or any combination of the above).


Support - Support personnel are typically members of more than one group -- e.g., Email Support, HubSpot Support, Salesforce Support, Active Directory Support, X-Support. As technology permeates our lives to an ever increasing degree even non-support personnel are being tasked with support responsibilities. One example might be the Marketing Manager working on a data hygiene project with an audit team. Do we remove the Marketing Manager from their normal 'team' thereby causing them to lose access to any HubSpot assets (i.e., filters, etc.)?


As HubSpot moves deeper into the startup and SMB spaces the need for this capability will only increase. I honestly can't name a single startup where any individual has a single role, or is part of a single team.


Maybe thinking of these things HubSpot is calling 'teams' as more like GROUPS will make it easier to see the endless overlapping possiblities.

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Hi Lovinglife324! I agree, this is an important feature.  It is already a suggestion with a number of votes for it.  If you would like to upvote it, you can find it here: "Grant Users Access to Multiple Teams"

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Thank you for sharing @Andrew3!

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This is critical for our company as well. Can you tell us when this will be possible?

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Hi Hubspot team,

This feature would be very helpful for our team as well!  Hope to see it added soon ...

TIA, j.

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@4118923 @lovinglife324 @teterjmw @MFrankJohnson @pmclaughlin + any others who view this thread, please make sure you vote and comment here


...That is the feature request that the Product Team will review. 

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Our team is growing and this feature is needed for us too. 

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This is vital to enable a team the feature "round robin." without it, we simply cannot take advantage of this much-needed feature.



  • Company has more than one business unit with sub-team. 
  • Sub-teams have hand-offs but still assist in working the deal so need visibility into the contacts and deals within a specific pipeline of deals not necessarily owned by them. To do this they need the ability to view deals and contacts from other permission-assigned sub-teams and/or parent teams.
  • Example: Contact owned by field-sales then contact owner passed to inside sales to help close the deal. Field sales may continue to assist even after the deal/contact owner is moved to inside-sales team. 
  • Workflow Example: web inquiries that come in via a form, go into a workflow that auto-assign contacts to inside-sales team in a round-robin. This is not possible the way HS is currently set up if inside sales also need visibility into ALL deals within a specific pipeline even when deals are not yet assigned to them.
  • Then there is the need for Sales ops/admin team for a specific business unit. They need visibility into the contacts and deals from multiple teams but not all deals across the company.

This feature enhancement request also posted here so this has even more votes: