Uploading contacts and clearing fields

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Hey guys


When uploading contacts, is this true: "HubSpot will not overwrite a contact's information unless there is a new value present in the CSV file."


We've exported our datase, cleaned it and now want to reupload it. So we need blank fields in the CSV file to delete any content that already exists in that same field in Hubspot.


How can you do this? Help says to go to Marketing to Contacts > Workflows, but this is not an option in my menu.



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Hey @JDK, welcome aboard HubSpot Community!


Another alternative method would see you clear the values using the Bulk Edit function in contacts.


First, you'll want to pick out the group of contacts that you want to bulk edit. You can select them via the filtering options for contacts.


After selecting your target group of contacts, run a bulk edit (you can keep the value for the property to edit blank), and you should be all set!