Updating contacts based on data fed from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Hi All, 


I'm looking for some best practices (or tools) that would enable to efficiently update contact's properties in HubSpot (mostly company/job title) based on the latest updates from Sales Navigator. 

Today I can only do that manually, which is absolutely not scalable. 

I would like to be able to notify contact owners on any recent changes on a given contact in an automated way. 

Any thoughts? 


Thanks, as always!


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Hi @Edyta7510, a good question.

I'm not aware of any software solution that allows you to monitor job changes on LinkedIn, altho that would be very handy. I know of a few people who use contractors from upwork and fivver to automate this task thru human labor.

Perhaps someone else will chime in with better suggesstions but figured I would share the one method I have. I do follow this space because I work on a LinkedIn to HubSpot integration.  So if you do find a software solution I would be happy to know about it.

Guy Taylor | linkedhub.io

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Thanks @GuyTaylor yes, I thought this was the case. It's a pitty though there is no solution available. I may be wrong, but I guess that this is possible for MS Dynamics integration with Sales Navigator. But that's another story obviously.