Update Deal Properties Using A Form



We have dozens of deal properties that need to be updated when a deal is sent from sales to installs.

I want this to be done on a form so I can design the landing page to be a lot more user-friendly than the pop-up form in HubSpot.

Is there a way to suck the values of deal properties into a form from a button or link in the deal record, update the properties in the form and then save the updates?

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Hi @tomsedgwick


Unfortunatly, I don't think this is going to be possible. Deal properties are not supported by the forms tool currently. 


You might have better luck using some external platform to capture the information and try syncing that back to HubSpot via something like Zapier.


Hope this is some help.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies


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I tried something and it might be some sort of workaround. You can use Workflows to do what you want.


  1. Add a new property group for contacts (f.e. website deals)
    1. Add the new properties you want to add to the deal
  2. Add a new property group for deals (f.e. website deals)
    1. Add the new properties you added for the contact
  3. Create a new workflow
    1. Trigger: Somenone sends the specific form you have
    2. Action: Create a new deal
      1. Use the convert contact property to deal property function

That should work 🙂





How do you turn a contact property into a deal property? This may help in the whole form as I could add those fields in Contacts and the have redundant fields in Deals. Is that right?


Yeah, that's a major problem. We can't copy a contact property to a deal property in a workflow unless you do it when you create the deal.


This feature would be very sueful to us. 

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would love that too


This feature would make a lot of sense; especially since there is no way to capture all the info from a deal and export it to the delivery team. This is a must!

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We would love to see broader form functionality in general.


Deal based forms

Company based forms

Ticket based forms


Biggest workflow issue is a customer submits a request a quote... 10+ fields... we then create a deal - but the sales person has to click through to the contact to view the form details, and then copy/paste them into a note on the deal...


A stepping stone that would work for us, would be to show the forms of the associated contacts in the timeline of the Deal. Company timeline currently rolls up stuff from the contacts... so somewhat similar.

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Upvote - running into this issue right now with a customer need for this

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Not sure if this helps but you can now specify which deal properties need to be updated when moving between stages. This is not the same as a front-end form but it could achieve the same result. 



Read more here: Set up and customize your deal pipelines and deal stages

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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@Phil_Vallender Unfortunately I need to collect the information from the customer completing a form so for this specific use case this wouldn't solve my need. Thanks so much for submitting the idea!




This is a challenge I've been trying to work out too!  If there's any update on this I'd massively appreciate it.


I'm trying to replace a "new client" (which is all information we need from the client) form that we have to send internally to our finance department.


It's all information we wouldn't collect when we create the deal, so I'd need the form submission to directly populate the deal fields.


So frustrating!

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We ended up building a  pretty complicated work-around, but it's actually working well.


Sorry for the all-lower-case - feeling busy.


If involves the following:

data integration server (di server)

on form submission workflow, that creates a deal

a webhook (via dev portal) on deal creation that sends the deal to the di server

the di server then does the following:

gets the associated contact

retrieves the most recent form submission

associates the form fields from the submission with the form meta to get the form field descriptions

it then generates an html table representation of the form

then via api it creates a note engagement and associates the engagement with the deal, contact, and company


we also are using crm extensions. we have an extension with (among other things) that has a button to 'view all forms' from a deal. this also uses the di server, and the iframe crm ext... It shows all the forms associated with all contacts on a deal in a iframe popup.


None of the above is trivial - and it's taken us a quite an effort to get our tooling up to where it is now.


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I completed a workaround as well. The key factor is that you already have the deal created. 


  • I used Panda Doc to pull down Deal ID
  • Created custom deal properties for the answers to my questions.
  • Setup a PandaDoc Template to pull in the deal ID and ask the questions
  • Upon Submission used Zapier to send to DocParser
  • DocParser pulls out the answer
  • Zapier sends responses to Deal using Deal ID to search for the deal

HubDo @HubDoPete is working to create a native integration on his enterprise platform. If you haven't spoken to him reach out. He's doing some awesome things with PandaDoc.

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Thanks Adam,

Yes PandaDoc is distributing Enterprise Seats with all features enabled for Partners, managed by support@hubdo.com

Partners can source one or more seats here https://www.hubdo.com/pandadoc-4-hubspot-partners-pd4hsp

If a HubSpot end-user needs seats (no minimum number) to integrate with HubSpot, these special seats can be sourced via your HubSpot Agency or Sales Solutions Partner. Your Partner can access and assist with your PandaDoc workspace and integration without having to buy an extra seat, using their own regular PandaDoc login and password.

We hope to have to new integration ready in the next week, which will inject PandaDoc field values back into HubSpot properties and also attach a PDF of the completed PandaDoc to the HubSpot Deal.

cheers Pete.



I'm hoping you may be able to help us with a hubspot/pandadoc integration issue.  We have the zapier integration unlocked and I'm trying to automate the issuance of a pandadoc template once a form has been completed.

In zapier when setting up the zap, I can only see contact data to map over which gets me 50% of the info i need.  Is there a way to pull over the deal data?

I can pull in the deal data if the trigger is the completion of a new deal but then I'm unable to pull in the contact data.  


In simple terms we're a professional services firm and the form will be completed by a new client when they've accepted our quote, so its the time when we ask for address etc which is needed for the contract.  The contract template is in pandadoc which also needs to include data from the deal.


Any ideas?


Many thanks



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Hi Aidan,
Yes I get why you need the contact details.
Normally when you assign a deal contact to a role, for the PandaDoc send, only a limited set of tokens are available such as name and email.
For your use case I recommend creating a group of HubSpot custom properties on the company and use HubSpot automation to populate them from the contact.
Then those company tokens can be used to populate address etc on the PandaDoc contract when initiating it from a deal.
Would that suffice?

Is there a way to create a form that allows deals to be created and updated online from a simple link on my website. I know how to create a form to capture data, but am looking for a way to cal up an existing deal and update it from my landing page - I imagine the user will have to log into their user account in hubspot to do it.

Many thanks - Greg - greg@easternsuburbslife.com


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Could be tricky. Which existing deal would you update if not creating it at that time?

The contact (and Company) may be connected to multiple deals.