Unsubscribed from all email property still true after contact re-subscribed




I recently sent a resubscribe email to one of our contacts (who wanted to opt in to receive a particular series of emails we send), who then resubscribed to our Marketing communication subscription. The contact activity reflects this change (and also that they remain unsubscribed from all other communication subscriptions). However, the "Unsubscribed from all email property" is still "true," which leads me to believe this contact still won't receive the emails they are wanting to receive.


Is this the case? Is there a delay in updating that property? Or is there something additional that the contact needs to do in order to change that property to "false"?

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Community Manager

Hello @riveran2 , could you please provide us more details on how your unsubscribe options are set up?  And how were they resubscribed? Using one of your forms?  The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.


Thank you,


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