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We are looking to set custom ways of automatically unenrolling a contact from a sequence, aka when a deal is Closed Won, or Contact Lifecycle Stage becomes Customer.


From what I understand it is not possible to customize automatic unerollment from a sequence, and it's also not possible to reference sequence enrollment from a workflow.




Does anyone have an idea of a workaround on how to do this? Perhaps temporarily 'fake' the criteria for unenrollment- ie creating a workflow that temporarily unsubscribes a contact when they become a customer? Or is there a way with Zapier?


I spoke with HubSpot support, and they suggested just using a workflow instead of a sequence at all, but I would like to utilize the sequence functionality if possible. Or does it perhaps make more sense to just use a workflow?


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Hello @GDamaren, you are correct, at the moment there is not an automated way to have your sequences be unenrolled, the action needs to be done on the side of the contact.

I will add some top experts to this matter to share their thoughts @Josh @kcooper @karstenkoehler any other recommendations to @GDamaren matter?


Thank you!


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Hi @GDamaren,


Designing an automatic process here is tricky. As @PamCotton has already mentioned and as you've already noticed, this is not possible at this stage.


The only aspect of unenrollment that you can control is indeed unsubscription and potentially the legal basis for communication. It's not specifically mentioned in the list but I'd assume HubSpot to not send the email if you remove the communication consent for "Sales Email | One to One" via workflow (set it to "Not opted"). I haven't tested this and I'd recommend doing so thoroughly. Keep in mind that playing around with unsubscription and legal basis can have other unintended consequences if you're planning on sending more emails to this contact in the future.


The other workaround that I see is an email notification to the sales owner to manually unenroll the contact. With a workflow, you can enroll contacts who are Now in sequence and are associated with an open deal – and then send an internal email notification to the sales owner. Not ideal because it's manual but probably the best solution at the moment.


Thanks for tagging, @PamCotton!


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