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Unable to add people to subscription

New Contributor

I am unable to send an up optin email to my contacts.


They have never been emailed before.


I have full authority and consent to contact the clients.


I have tired to send an email, got

"The recipient has unsubscribed or we don’t have GDPR-compliant legal basis for sending to them"


Have changed consent and add subscriptions (doesnt stay saved for the subscription) and tried to send again but unable to. 

Please Help!! Smiley Happy

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi @Bondje ,


What you're describing is likely due to your having the GDPR settings turned on in your portal, including the toggle requiring a contact to be subscribed to a type of email to receive it.  


With this setting turned on, you are required to opt a contact into a subscription before they can receive emails of that subscription type.  You can add a communication subscription to a contact by clicking Add subscription to the Communication subscriptions section of their contact record.  Once the correct subscription type has been added, the contact should be able to receive emails.  


If you are having trouble saving the communication subscriptions of your contacts, I would recommend logging out and back in again to see if that helps.