Two sets of data sharing same property



I am creating a form and come across a stumbling block.  I have two data sets.  Frst set of data is for our Resellers which includes, first name, last name and email address


Second set of data is the reseller customer, they also use the same property of first name, last name.


On the form I am sending to the reseller, has to record their customer details which is fine.  The issue is the reseller, also has to fill in their name, email details which is where my problem is.  I have to use the reseller name and email in order to identify them  When the form comes back it will create either a new customer record or pick the details up as an existing customer, then create a deal.  That deal links to the customer and also to the reseller.


My problem is the fields of first name and last name.........I am stuck for a solution

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Two sets of data sharing same property

Hi @JGray30,


I've shared a solution on this topic before here:


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