Tracking Lost Reasons for MQL & SQL Contacts

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I'm curious how everyone likes to track the "Lost Reasons" on Contacts BEFORE they become Deals.  

We'd like to have more visibility into why Contacts never get to the Deal Creation Stage in the Sales Process.  Maybe Marketing is attracting the wrong crowd...  Maybe we have a feature enhancement opportunity...  Maybe pricing needs to be looked at...


We don't know these things unless the Contact has become an SQL and qualified to the point where there is a *real* opportunity, and thus a Deal is created.


I have a couple of ideas bouncing around but want to see what the community is doing as well.  Just curious.  Smiley Happy



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Hey @Siddall I'd encourage you to share your ideas below to see for Community members to comment further on. Smiley Happy

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Even I'm looking to track the same thing. A lead can be unqualified because of multiple reasons.  We want to track why the lead is not qualified so that we can go back to that lead after few months when the concerns are addressed in the product/service. We are currently tracking this in notes. Is there a better way to classify the unqualified leads and track the unqualified reason? Please help.




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I've got 12 reasons why they wouldn't convert in a single check drop down menu with the option for "other". The 12 top reasons should be sufficient to to report on. This would be cool if you could have it pop up and ask for a reason, the same way it does in a lost deal.