Tracking Expansion Revenue for b2B SaaS company

Hi everyone!


I manage our CRM and am having trouble tracking the dollar amount of increased revenue from an existing customer over their lifetime with us. For example, Client X signed a 1 year contract paying $10,000 per month. After the contract was up, Client X signed a renewal for a year at $11,000 per month, resulting in a $1000 per month upsell. This is a recurring situation for our business and want to track expansion revenue earned. 


I know there are properties that we can mark as an "upgrade" or "renewal" but the deal itself has no technical assocation with the previous contract's deal.


Also, I have been attempting to use the Beta "Same Object Type" association tool but haven't gotten very far with it for this example.


Any suggestions?



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Community Manager

Tracking Expansion Revenue for b2B SaaS company

Hi @ZRoberts4,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

I wanted to share a couple of relevant resources:



Hi @franksteiner79@louischausse@HubDoPete, do you have any additional insights and tips that you could share with @ZRoberts4? Thank you!


Mia, Community Team 


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