Tracking Deals (and other Sales Data) from specific events/campaigns

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We are in the process of transitioning from Salesforce to HubSpot for sales. In Salesforce, whenever we have an event we can track it in a campaign - this allows us to see how many contacts we got from the event, how many new deals were created, deals closed, revenue won, etc.


A common example of this is we go to a live show, or do an online webinar. We like to track the successes from these specific events so that we can build upon them.


Does anyone have a good way of replicating this in HubSpot?


****Edit: I am aware that HubSpot Campaigns do track closed deals. I guess I'm just not clear on how HubSpot determines a deal is associated with a particular campaign.

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We're also trying to get conference/tradeshow-specific info not just that they were imported via the iPhone app, which normally means that they're from an event, but you can't tell which one.    I know we could do this manually if anyone at a show were to scan their cards instead using something like free Camcard and exports to Excel, but then someone has to reformat the data, add notes and reference the campaign or event tracking code somewhere on the contact record.  Nothing seems to be just right.   I'd love to hear how others are doing this.