Track respective emails from one supplier for each particular dael/client separately

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How about if our supplier can be attached to various deals/clients, but for every particular deal we want to track respective emails from a supplier?


For example:

- we have 2 deals: [deal #1 from client #1] and [deal #2 from client #2]

- our supplier/vendor is quoting product for a client #1, and same type product but with different configurations for client #2

- for deal/client #1 we want to track emails from the vendor on product #1 only (and not seeing vendor's emails on the product for another client).



Same approach to be used for internal project team members who involved into each deal but not using CRM 

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Hey @Kyryl I"m very sorry for the lack of response here. I don't completely understand your question or goal here. Could you please clarify and explain further?