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I create lists based on my data import, then I enroll everyone in a list into a sequence. Once in the sequence: When a person has answered on an email they have indicated interest and automatically exits the sequence, buts the contact probably needs some working before it can be qualified as a deal/opportunity.


How do you handle the contacts after they exit a sequence? Do you put them into a new list or do you create deals directly? Or do you only creat tasks? Or do you do something else to keep track of these leads?

  • The downside with creating deals after sequence exit is: You end up with a lot of deals that are not qualified yet by your criteria (too far from the decision)
  • The downside with only creating a task is that you get a bad overview of the lead exited sequence, but not yet qualified


It would be super interesting to head how you guys work

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Hey @MarcusWennmo 


This is a really good way to start conversations in our community 🙂


I will tag a few of our experts and they might share tips with you.


Hey, @mark_vande_haar@sachahydra@Ben_M @Mike_Eastwood  could you please share your knowledge and experiences with @MarcusWennmo


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Thank you

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Thank you @sharonlicari ! Have a good friday to you too!

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Hi @MarcusWennmo, thank you for the intro @sharonlicari 


Do you use the Lifecycle Stage Property? Personally, I prefer to keep the Deals out of the picture until there's actually a Deal. So, rather than using Deals, I use Lifecycle Stage. 


After I run a qualifying call only then do I move the Lead to "Opportunity" and I still may not have a Deal in HubSpot at this stage (I've deliberately slowed down our Sales Process after years of trying to speed it up).


For me MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) is the first interesting Lifecycle Stage. If possible I would make it so Leads qualify themselves e.g. number of page visits, CTAs completed, etc. The temptation is to say say "oh, they're keen and move them to MQL or SQL" (which I've done – incorrectly – many times). 


In your case it sounds like your sequence decides if the Lead is an MQL or a SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).  You can then work the SQLs until they qualify as Opportunities – at which stage I'd create a Deal – or, they're going to be an MQL where you can nurture them until they are ready to buy.


Also, depending on what version of HubSpot you have you could try Lead Scoring. This would let your best Leads rise to the top of the list.


Have fun




Hi @Mike_Eastwood 

Creating deals have previously been a way of keeping track of everything important that is going on and to get an overview, sine far from all my contacts in my CRM are ongoing deals. If not creating deals, how to you then get an overview? Do you work with filter on the lifecycle stages in the company list ("contacts"->"companies") view?


Sound smart to keep the deals for the later stages in the sales funnel. I have not used lifecycle stages but I'm planing too set this up the coming weeks. Its seems great to work with when using workflows. (Will probably use MQL->Lead->SQL(meeting booked)->Oppertunity->Customer)
How do you use lifecycle stages after the sequence? Do you manually set change the LS-status then create a list based on this, and then you work with the list until you have a qualified the lead? (and then create a status)


Great tips with leadscoring, will set that up as well in the upcoming weeks.



Hi @Mike_Eastwood ,


have you had time to look at my answers? Its mostly reaging how to work with (and how to get an overview of) prospects before creating a deal. Do you use lists? Or do you just set up tasks on all you contacts?


Hi Marcus


Thank you for reaching out to the community.  Pleased to help if I can.


In my instance as I only deal with online contacts,  I try to keep the process quite simple.

- a contact is created via a form.  

- they are segmented into a List and then into a Sequence depending on their Lifecycle stage (determined by the type of content they have expressed an interest in / downloaded).

- I am responsible for 'first touch marketing'.  If I connect with a contact they are added into the Sales cycle but as MQL and only after a successful 'Discovery Call' would they move to SQL.

- Only after a successfull SQL do they move to a lead.


You could talk through with your A/c manager ways to adapt your sequences so there is less of a drop off point.


Are you regularly engaging with all your contacts via a weekly or monthly newsletter?


You could to consider a targetted re-engagement campaign for some of your older contacts,  


I hope that helps.


Kind regards






Hi @sachahydra ,


Thanks for you answer We don't work that much with inbound at the moment. Will will, however, set this up during the fall, in parallel with the upcoming initiative of content creation in our company. No weekly or monthly email at the moment.

We are working alot with outbound at the moment, emailing, linkedin and calling prospects. 


Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you to the world of Hubspot Inbound.

The Community here is a great place for advice.

I'd also check out Hubspot Academy

and Learning Centre.

Hubspot resources Library is also invaluable


I will reach out on LinkedIn to connect.


All the best with your work and efforts.