Task links deleting when Editing Task

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I'm quite new to HubSpot, so hope I haven't missed a fix, but I've noticed a problem: 


Whenever I Edit a Task (such as a logged Meeting), all external hyperlinks are removed from the body text.  I also don't seem to be able to re-add or add any more links to the text (in fact editing tools seem rather bare in general).  It's really quite annoying to have to copy/paste and re-log a Task just to retain links in the text, just to correct a typo or add an additional point.


I use the CRM as my main record-keeping interface for internal coaching, and use external links a to reference sources used during sessions, so this a necessary part of my workflow.

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Hey @JamesYoung


Can you send along a screenshot or videos of what you are experiencing? I tried reproducing the issue on my end and wasn't able to do so, so I want to confirm I'm taking the same steps as you. 




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