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HubTags is a companion product for HubSpot CRM that allows you to tag contacts and consequently filter your contacts via tags.

Visit our website(blog post) for more details: HubTags Website  

🏆Users who tested and gave helpful feedback

-Install & Setup  
-How it works <-- coming soon, for now please self explore.

-Create tags via import
-Create tags via sync
-Multi-account support

Working on
-Tagify all properties(filters). Allow me to interact with all the filters in a tag-like manner. 
-Search for tags. Scrolling up/down a list is fine but once I get to 1,000+ tags it will be better to search.

Feature requests
-Tasks - give the same functionality to tasks as you do for contacts.
-Deals - give the same functionality to deals as you do for contacts.
-Zapier integration. Trigger actions from applying a tag.

Needs more customer input:
-Tag sync. Keep all the tags in sync across multiple platforms such as HubSpot & SalesForce.

Known issues
-Nothing at the moment. If you find a bug/issue please let me know.

-UI fixes/improvements
-Exclude filter implemented. Hover a tag > click the exclude icon.
-Deleting tags works in a more complete way and requests confirmation before taking action. 
-API key helper. We now guide users on how to get their API key.
--Filter results. We now display data for the most common columns: Email, Phone number, Contact owner, Associated company, Lead status, Created date

-Open/collapse UI implemented
-Click apply with zero filters > update contact page
-Click apply > closes filters UI
-Clicking 'Start using HubTags' > redirect user to HubSpot contacts page and open sidepanel
-Make exclude button visible on tags without hover. Delete option only visible upon hover
-Exclude/delete button positioning adjusted a bit

-All table actions are now compatible with HubTags
-Fixed a few issues effecting small number of users who click find API key button. Thank you Marni for the detailed video/feedback about this!
-Made it easier to add filters by removing drop down and making tags immediatly accessible.
-Sidepanel now stays in whatever state the users leaves it - remains open until a users closes it and vice versa.

-Combine HubTags & Native HubSpot filters. [Beta]
-HubTags accepts CSV import which allows you to create tags and apply them to contacts. [Beta]*
-Exclude button now appears upon hover without morphing button size/position.
-Left click HubTags icon to view settings
-Sidepanel has a show/hide button > right click HubTags icon to access it.

-Simplified import feature. There is a new screenshot with directions on how to import at bottom of this post.
-Importing can no longer remove tags, only supplment them.
-Use commas or semicolons to separate tags, both work.
-We correct for common mispellings and common formatting mistakes
-One more major update to improve the import feature is coming.

-Multi-account support implemented
*Please note that tag sync is not built yet. You will see a sync button but it is just visual. 
This is a big feature and we have yet to build it. If anyone has specific use-cases they can share or details on how they would like this to work please do share that with me.


-Deleting accounts is now possible. Go to accounts page > click edit button > a little 'X' appears next to each account.
-Sync feature simplified. I didn't hear alot of inpurt/support for this feature so we have simplified. Now sync is a one-time event that allows you to import tags. It is a alternative to using a CSV import. Perhaps you have built up alot of useful tags in HubSpot account A and need those tags in HubSpot account B. Sync allows you to import those tags very easily, just a few clicks, no need to deal with csv download/import. Sync is supplemental only, it will not remove tags.
-CSV import now makes it more obvious which account is selected as the destination.































Import directions.png












Guy Taylor | linkedhub.io

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Hi @LBrigg, no such feature at this time but it seems like a good request! I have added tagging of tasks to the list.

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HubTags version 2.2 is released. Click here for details.


Why is this not posted in the Marketplace?

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Hi @HKroon, a good question.

At the moment the product is pretty rough - its not yet polished visually or technically. However, once we validate the product makes a good first impression on most users we will submit to the marketplace without delay. If things goes well I suspect, emphasies on suspect, that will be in a few months.

Guy Taylor | linkedhub.io

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HubTags version 2.4 is released. Click here for details.